12The idea for a long time the idea of a restaurant that serves Arabian Peninsula’s dishes occupied our mind and the fact that lack of restaurants which are offering traditional Arabian Peninsula’s cuisine adequately haunting us. We have noticed the success of many cultures in presenting their cuisine around the world and in the region. This success was a result of continues research and development in the way of presentation and methods of food preparation. Another reason was the availability of the risk takers to present their cuisine and take it international.

Al Khettar Restaurant & Cafe is a new concept which serves Arabian Peninsula’s cuisine in addition to new innovative dishes. It is the first restaurant which serves this type of cuisine in American casual dining style. We had this idea for more than 10 years and now after 14 months of continuous work and with God grace we have succeeded translating the blue prints to a real restaurant. We hope that you enjoy the experiment and we wish that we have succeeded in laying some light on the Arabian Peninsula’s rich culture.




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Were not modern weapons found in abundance in the Arabian Peninsula, where it was used the islanders swords, daggers and spears to defend themselves and to fight...
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