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Al Khettar Restaurant & Cafe is a new concept for restaurants specializing in the Arabian Peninsula’s cuisine in addition to innovative new dishes. The restaurant is serving the dishes with its original flavor and serving other dishes for the first time in UAE and in the region. In contrary of the traditional restaurants, Al Khettar have sat new standard and re-introduced the Peninsula’s dishes in creative way which is inspired by the environment and the culture. The restaurant is designed in modern style which is influenced by the Peninsula’s rich culture elements such as sand color, sand waves design and traditional calligraphy. In addition the walls are used as cultural pictures and paintings gallery which will be also used to educate customers about Arabian Peninsula and display beginners and amateur photography work. In addition the restaurant is going to host cultural events and will celebrate any work which adds value to the Arabian Peninsula’s culture.

The restaurant layout is creative as it is divided to several sections, private seating cabins for customers who likes privacy, section for traditional Majlis eating experience (without tables) in addition to the hall which is divided to two sections, section offering a semi- privacy for two individuals per table and booths for gatherings and the main hall has an open seating arrangement which suits the big gatherings and customer who loves to mingle with people. Lighting arrangement is breathtaking as it is distributed with direct and indirect lightings to focus on walls and pictures. This is complementing the chandeliers which are tailor made for the restaurant with the restaurant’s pattern engraving on it and on the walls. And to supplement the décor, the restaurant has used the clay and colorful metal bowls which was used widely in the past to present the food to the customers and used the background music system which were distributed among the restaurant sealing to enrich the atmosphere with traditional music and poems.

Finally, AL Khettar has consulted local chefs and old house wives who are known with their food quality and mouthwatering dishes to implant the restaurant’s menu with the original recipes. Not only this but the dishes were tested for few months before the opening to ensure delivering the original taste and flavor each time which will take the customer for a journey to the Arabian peninsula’s roots with each bite. A special team was hired in customer service and in the kitchen to ensure the food quality and service excellence, and the result is a mouthwatering selection of delicious, wholesome food and beverages served in warm and sophisticated atmosphere which is rich with tradition of Arab hospitality.

We hope you enjoy the journey to Arabian Peninsula’s roots.


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